The Adventures of Haystacks Calhoun

The business of professional wrestling has become a form of entertainment that’s embraced all around the world. Large companies like WWE give us larger than life characters and real superheroes in spandex. But wrestling wasn’t always mainstream and lucrative. In the early 1900’s most wrestlers were seen as the equivalent of sideshow performers and the matches were more tests of strength and amateur wrestling than showbiz. But eventually people warmed up to these performances and promoters brought in new and wild characters to attract and entertain.

One of the first ‘Monsters’ of wrestling was Haystacks Calhoun. He was a mountain of a man!

William Calhoun stood 6’4 and weighed over 600lbs. This giant from McKinney, Texas captured the hearts and imaginations of audiences in the 1950’s. Haystacks would often work squash matches, that’s where he would destroy an under matched opponent. Calhoun also inspired many future big men of pro wrestling who would go on to be stars all around the world.

But Haystacks Calhoun never found fame and fortune. He lived in a time before the glitz and glamor. He lived and died a simple man, never knowing many of the pleasures of the world.

One of the biggest thrills of an American wrestler in those days was to tour Japan. Wrestling was HUGE there. If given a chance, Haystacks would have been a major star there. So, with the help of technology we are going to take Haystacks Calhoun around the world and show him all he missed. First stop, Japan

Haystacks met a local fan and smelled the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Here is Haystacks at one of Japan’s biggest tourist attractions, The Great Wall of Japan

Better grab some souvenirs for the family. I don’t see granny panties. I hope granny isn’t upset with a thong

Godzilla VS Haystacks Calhoun? Naw, just a meet and greet. Zilla knows Haystacks would plug his sushi hole

All this sight seeing has made Haystacks sweaty. Time for a shower!

Boy, sure looks like Haystacks had a lot of fun in Japan. Wonder where he’ll go next?