The Mandalorian: Chapter 3

The third episode of The Mandalorian hit Disney+ this morning. Again, another warning that this post will include spoilers for the current and past episodes.

In the Last Episode: The Mandalorian and lil’ Yoda walk through the desert to return to his ship only to find it striped by Jawas. After some conflict with the Jawas he arranges a deal with them, retrieving an egg from a huge Rhino like creature. He brings them the egg, they give him his parts back, he fixes his ship and leaves the planet.

Summary: Chapter 3 is called The Sin. I figured that The Mandalorian would be heading to see Cara Dune (Gina Carrano) when he left the planet, turns out he does bring the baby to Werner Herzog. Herzog does reveal that he had given several other bounty hunters a chance to capture this bounty. That was why IG-11 was also looking for it in the first episode. The Mandalorian does ask what Herzog and his scientist buddy intended to do with the baby, but that is against the rules of the Bounty Hunter Guild, so he does not say.

He exhanges lil’ Yoda for a loot of Beskar steel, although you can tell he doesn’t feel good about it. He then takes the steel to the Mandalorian tribe and gets an entirely new set of armor, so too bad for you if you bought a toy because its irrelevant now. Much like the first episode we see a brief flashback to when the Mandalorian was young when he parents hide him in a cellar during what his people call the “Great Purge”, we don’t know when this is, but the Mandalorian is obviously just a child.

“Mando” then hits up the cantina and meets up with Greef Karga (Carl Weathers) and asks for his next job. Karga is reluctant to give it to him after bringing in such an expensive haul, but eventually he gives him one. This job provides him with a chance to clear his mind and get his thoughts off selling lil’ Yoda off.

He returns to his ship, the Razorcrest, when he ultimately decides he’s going to go back and take the baby. He breaks into the lair and kills several stormtrooper, he captures the baby, but choses not to kill the scientist who was performing tests on lil’ Yoda. There is no sign of Herzog during this time, so you can assume he’s still alive. During his escape every bounty hunter in town is notified of The Mandlorian’s betrayal, including Greef Karga, so they all team up on him, but he is still able to escape with help from fellow Mandalorians who come out of their underground hideout. Karga is nearly killed, but The Mandalorian escapes, flying off the planet to who knows where.

My thoughts: This is definitely a more complex episode compared to the last one. I’ve been surprised by how slowly paced the show has been to this point, that’s not a criticism, but it does seem a bit like with some fine tuning killing IG-11 and stealing the bounty would’ve been enough to get a price on his head. Going this route led to more exposition and development though. Again, the episode feels short. I keep hoping that they’ll head closer to an hour eventually, but they all float around 30-40 minutes, and that’s including a recap at the start of the episode and 2-3 minutes worth of credits.

I was glad to see Carl Weathers’ character get a bit more meat added to the bone in this episode. He does turn into a bit of a villain by the end of this episode because he’s trying to kill our protagonist, but he’s also acting within the code.

This is the episode directed by Deborah Chow, who will be directing at least some of the Obi-Wan series. If this is your first glimpse at her abilities she proves to be capable. The action scenes are really cool. You get to see the Mandalorian made a bit better use of some of his tools because he has to kill a lot of people in this episode.

Any chance the Mon Calamari the Mandalorian gets the job for is Ackbar? Its not said.

This is the first time we’ve seen combat involving stormtroopers in this show. Its still clean enough that the violence isn’t R rated tier violence, but its a bit more brutal than you expect from Star Wars. One trooper gets stabbed, another one gets burned alive by a flamethrower. Still no blood though.

So, its safe to say that The Mandalorian made a lot of enemies in this episode. Karga survived so its very likely that he’ll be sending bounty hunters out to kill Mando (I love that he calls him that, seems like its destined to become the new Chewie), but Herzog is still alive and I’d imagine he’s going to want this baby back. Giancarlo Esposito also isn’t involved in the story at this point, but he looks to be part of the Imperial remnant as well, so it could be Herzog sends him after The Mandalorian.

Much like last episode, I’m guessing our hero is headed to see Cara Dune, who is still unseen so far in the series.

What did you think of episode 3?