A Real Script for The Rise of Skywalker Landed on Ebay

JJ Abrams appeared on Good Morning America this morning to promote The Rise of Skywalker. During his appearance he revealed a surprising story.

JJ is notorious for being secretive with his movies. Not just with Star Wars, but with his Cloverfield franchise as well. So, leaks don’t come often from a JJ Abrams film and he goes to great lengths to prevent them by limiting access to scripts and not allowing camera phones on set.

Although JJ’s production had a pretty big mistake go down during the production for The Rise of Skywalker. One of the film’s actors left a copy of the real script to The Rise of Skywalker underneath their bed, which led to a housekeeper taking the script. It was then given to someone who chose to put it on Ebay. Abrams did not say which member of the cast made this mistake.

Disney was able to track down the script before it was sold. Mistakes like this will probably only lead to more secrecy surrounding the Star Wars movies from here on out. Leaks can happen so easily in this day and age.