Which Christmas Songs Piss You Off?

Well TGO, Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away. And that means all the radio stations and stores are starting to play Christmas music by now. Not ‘holiday’ music, Christmas. This is also the time of year where everyone is offended by something. The Kwanaza people are offended that nobody gives a fuck about their stupid fucking made up ‘holiday’. The atheists are pissed off because they are just miserable pricks anyway. But there is also the music. Did you know some of the songs we all heard and sung as kids are offensive? It’s true. Rudolph is offensive because it reminds some unlikable nerds about how they are bullied at school by the kids who aren’t complete losers. But my favorite is ‘Baby It’s Cold Ourside’, because it’s about convincing some slut to stay for the night. And songs like that piss off feminists. Anything that pisses off a feminist gets my dick nice and hard!

What’s your favorite offensive Christmas song? Bonus question: Do you say ‘merry Christmas’ to atheists just to see if they get butthurt?