Rise of Skywalker Ebay Script Was John Boyega’s

Good Morning America has been interviewing people involved in The Rise of Skywalker all week, first it was JJ Abrams, Tuesday it was Daisy Ridley and today John Boyega appeared on the show. Boyega revealed that it was him that lost the film’s script that ended up finding its way onto Ebay.

Boyega explains he left the script underneath his bed in his apartment and it wound up on Ebay for 65 pounds, less than 84 American dollars. The person who put it on there obviously didn’t know the value of the script, because you could easily get more than that for it.

The marketing campaign for The Rise of Skywalker is in full swing Daisy Ridley also had an appearance on Jimmy Fallon the other day where she rapped a recap of all the Star Wars movies. God Jimmy Fallon is the worst.