The Mandalorian: Chapter 4

Its Friday, so another episode of The Mandalorian has debuted on Disney+. I’ll be talking spoilers for this episode, and potentially the others before it, so you may want to hold up here if you aren’t caught up.

In the Last Episode: The Mandalorian takes lil’ Yoda to to Imperial remnant, and collects his reward, using it to upgrade his armor once again. He has a change of heart and decides to betray the Imperials and the Bounty Hunter Guild by stealing lil’ Yoda back. He survives a lengthy gunfight with help of some of his fellow Mandalorians and escapes the planet. Bounty Hunter Guild leader Greef Karga is among those who try to stop him, and he is nearly killed.

Summary: The episode is called Sanctuary, and it kicks off with an attack on a settlement. Then we see the title card and we what our lead is up to.

The Mandalorian is aboard the Razorcrest and looking for a place to lay low and hide from any bounty hunters that may be after him. He decides on the planet Sorgan (which is the planet shown in the opening).

The pair land on Sorgan and go into a cantina, where we see Cara Dune for the first time. She and The Mandalorian get in a fight because she assumes that Mando is there to capture or kill her.

Cara Dune claims that she was a part of the Rebellion after the end of the Battle of Endor. Her job was to track down Imperial warlords and she opted for an “early retirement when things got political”. Dune tells Mando to leave, but when he goes back to the Razorcrest two farmers from the village that was attacked come to ask for his help. The pay isn’t good, but The Mandalorian realizes that it’ll be a good place to hide out. He recruits Cara Dune to help him.

Mando and Cara realize after doing some recon that the attackers also have possession of an AT-ST. At first they try to tell the villagers to flee, but they refuse to leave, so instead they decide to train them and prepare for the next attack. In short, they are successful and they destroy the walker, saving the village.

Baby Yoda has made a handful of friends since they appeared in the village, and The Mandalorian considers leaving him there and moving on, but a bounty hunter finds them, and more are sure to come. Cara is able to kill the first one, but its no longer safe for lil’ Yoda to be there. They have to go on the run once again.

My Thoughts: I was glad to get a bit more mythology into the Mandalorian. During a conversation with one of the villagers he reveals that he hasn’t taken his helmet off in front of someone since he was a kid. He also confirms that he was taken in by Mandalorians after his family had died. He does take his helmet off at one point, but his face is still hidden for now. Its likely that we will see his face at some point before the end of the season. He’s also said that if he were to take his helmet off he will not be allowed to put it on again.

Cara Dune makes for a pretty solid character after all the wait. Her past in MMA makes her a good candidate for the action sequences. Her acting isn’t bad either, which is always something I worry about when pro wrestlers act. Her bond with Mando develops quite quickly. Cara stays on the planet when the Mandalorian leaves, but I think it’s likely we see her again.

lil’ Yoda has some of his cutest moments in this episode. Jon Favreau has said that we’ll eventually learn how intelligent the character is, but so far he’s silent and he hasn’t used the force for a couple of episodes. Another cute moment was we see a Loth Cat in this episode, they’re a creature that appeared in Rebels several times.

This episode actually doesn’t really move the plot forward until the final 10 minutes or so. This episode was the longest episode of the season. Its the first that exceeded 40 minutes. Bryce Dallas Howard directed this one. She has had much direct experience, but her effort appears to be fairly solid here. We’re officially halfway through the season.

What are your thoughts on The Mandalorian after episode 4?