Collateral Damage

While on my quest for “original content,” I have come across a side effect so vile it can only be described as life altering.


See, I am not a Washington insider, so my reports on the impeachment came from news stories, most of which were viewed on YouTube. YT uses an algorithm to determine what to recommend next, and while not perfect, it does a pretty good job of keeping me entertained. Until recently…


I found that CSPAN, MSNBC, ABC, FOX NEWS and CNN were all streaming the hearings live. The first one to come up was MSNBC, but I became distracted and switched over to something else (FOX I think). Likewise, when searching for stories to recap what I had heard, I researched from several of the same news sources to find differing accounts of what I had heard.


Now when I put YouTube on it shoves a metric fuck-ton of FOX NEWS bullshit down my throat. No more videos of cats farting or old tool restorations, now I got Tucker Carson’s ugly ass telling me what Donald Trump said just after his morning shit.

I shudder to think what YouTube would show me if it were able to read my rants. Snapchat-1854353902Snapchat-191231747.jpg

I don’t have a question; just fuck FOX NEWS.