Do You Buy Local?

Many fantastic new initiatives have been started to promote locally sourced products.

Americans are being encouraged to spend their money on things made in their own community, even if it costs a little more than imported goods.

Boat to Throat is one program that keeps locally caught seafood from being sold to corporate bastards. The supply chain cuts out big business and gets the fish directly to chefs and consumers.

New York State has another initiative called Farm To Pint that’s designed to promote beer that is made 100% from locally grown ingredients. This has lead to a hops boom. Hops are now a legitimate cash crop in the state, when just 5 years ago you couldn’t buy local hops anywhere.

New York has recently decided to expand on that program. They researched what other products are outsourced that could be made locally. They found another need that could be met by hometown farmers

Poppy plants. These plants are indigenous to South East Asia. Thus, most heroin is imported.

Many new poppy fields have been popping up and New York expects the Farm to Arm program to divert a significant share of the heroin market to local manufacturers instead of those Asians.

Do you buy local?