Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX

Making Star Wars is one of the more reliable Star Wars news sites and they’ve provided a lot of information that ended up being true. Today they broke a new exclusive surrounding some of the plot points that Colin Trevorrow’s Episode IX script was going to have. Trevorrow and his co-writer Derek Connolly were replaced by JJ Abrams who started the story again from scratch.

Here are a list of the some of the details.

  • The script included more information about Rey’s parents. Rey’s mother would be revealed to be a servant for Leia and Han’s family, so his mother was still sort of a nobody, but that means that a young Rey and a young Ben Solo would’ve likely interacted as kids.
  • The final confrontation between Rey and Kylo Ren was actually at Leia and Han’s family home, wherever that ended up being.
  • Ben Solo would be redeemed and save Rey somehow.
  • Lando was involved in the story, but Palpatine was not.
  • The First Order had gained the ability to erase memories and reprogram new ones, likely with a device they had made.
  • Leia would have a lightsaber in this movie, but I’m sure Carrie Fisher’s death changed that.

I’m surprised that this information has leaked. Making Star Wars has assured us that JJ Abrams’ story was almost entirely different.

What do you think of Colin Trevorrow’s ideas?