Finn Origin Coming in The Rise of Skywalker

Ever since the sequel trilogy started with The Force Awakens the question on fans mind has been “who is Rey?” JJ Abrams has already said that Rey’s lineage will be explored more in The Rise of Skywalker, but Vanity Fair revealed yesterday that Finn’s past will also be explored.

In The Force Awakens we learned that Finn was taken from his family at a very young age to become a First Order Stormtrooper. He doesn’t seem to have any memory of his family.

In the footage that has been shown for The Rise of Skywalker Finn seems to be spending a fair amount of time with Jannah, the new character played by Naomi Ackie. There have been some rumors swirling that Jannah will actually be Finn’s sister, but I’m sure we’ll have to wait until the movie comes out to see if that’s true.