New Planet of the Apes Movie Coming

The Planet of the Apes franchise is one of the properties that Disney acquired during the Fox purchase. The status of the franchise was sort of up in the air since War of the Planet of the Apes seemed like it could be a conclusion or the start of something different. The rebooted trilogy is one of the more consistent trilogies in recent memory, but with director Matt Reeves working on The Batman it didn’t look like a movie was coming any time soon.

So it looks like Disney will be going back to the well and they’ve announced a director for a new Planet of the Apes film, Wes Ball. Ball was at the helm for The Maze Runner movies which were nothing special. There are no details on what the movie will focus on.

I’d guess that this story will be more like a remake of the original Charlton Heston version where the apes have established their own society. It’ll probably come with a time jump, but exist in the same continuity of the films we’ve gotten since 2011. More details are likely to come as the movie comes together.