Today’s Headlines

NASA Finds Remains Of India’s Moon Lander

India attempted to become the fourth country to successfully land an unmanned craft on the moon. Unfortunately the moon lander had communication problems while landing and crashed to the surface. Officials said the issue was the moon lander couldn’t understand the person on the phone from tech support. But the debris from the crash had yet to be located…until now

Willie Nelson Announces He Has Quit Smoking Pot

Due to several recent health issues, the worlds greatest pothead has hung up his bong. Willie decided that breathing was important to him. Plus there are healthier ways to consume cannabis. Willie grinds up his bud to a powder and mixes it with his cocaine. Stoners around the world reacted to this news

Trader Joe’s Recalls Several Products Over Fear Of Listeria Contamination

Retail giant Trader Joe’s has announced it is recalling a few items due to possible Listeria contamination. During a routine inspection of their Massachusetts facility, the FDA discovered the contamination and flagged a problem. Trader Joe’s released a statement urging anyone who purchased these items to NOT eat them or put them in your mouth, but return the items for a full refund