Bukowski Rant #2

I was at the race track one day,
and I had drank much beer the night before,
and I was late for the first race
but I parked, hustled in, and I could
feel this beer-shit really coming on,
you know, not only coming on
but I had to hold the cheeks of my ass
together while walking real fast from
the parking lot and through admissions
and toward and into the crapper.

Luckily, there was a stall and I got my pants and shorts down real fast
and then it came: hot, glorious and stinking.

When I got up and wiped I looked down
and there was my wallet afloat in all of it.
I dipped in, got it, flushed, got out of the stall,
washed up, walked out,then stood in a corner
and pulled the bills out of my wallet:
they were wet and they stank.

I heard the announcer say, “it is now one minute to post time.”
I wanted the 9 horse, I had this very strong feeling for the 9 horse.
I put the bills back in my wallet. I didn’t know what to do.
then the announcer said: “they’re at the gate!”

I ran around the corner, found a betting window
pulled one of the bills out of my wallet and hollered:
“ten win on the 9 horse!”

The seller picked up the bill and looked at it.
“come on! come on!” I said, “it’s good, just a little wet, what the shit!”

The seller looked at me, hit the button and I had the ticket.

then I went out and watched the race and the 9 horse ran out.