One Mat Gang Answers Famous Questions

Since the beginning of time mankind has found some universal questions they ask themselves. Many great philosophers have mused over these questions.

But it’s time for One great mind to put these questions to rest. I will give you definitive answers. Because that’s the kind of guy I am. I share my brain powers.


War, what is it good for?

In 1970, Edwin Starr claimed war was good for “absolutely nothing”. Some people have taken this as the defining answer to the question. But is it?

War is not good. But it IS good for some things. Let’s examine.

  • -War is good for the economy. World War 1 brought America out of the Great Depression. A thriving economy benefits all members of the society
  • -War is good for removing bad governments. If a ruling regime is committing human rights violations. Or posing a greater risk to the peace and safety of the planet, war is an effective way of removing the offending party.
  • -War keeps peace. In the 1600’s, philosopher Thomas Hobbes coined the phrase “the Leviathan” to describe when a government has displayed enough power to scare people into acting appropriately and following the laws set forth. Citizens don’t revolt because they feel they can’t overpower the army. And other nations don’t challenge their rule because they fear the consequences.
  • These are but a few of the things war is good for. As you can see, these reasons are not “absolutely nothing”.
  • What do you think war is good for?