Face the Facts

Once again it’s time to Google search one random name and learn about the people who share this name:

Today’s Random Name-

Larry Pellegrino

Larry #1

Larry Pellegrino is a Professor of Beatles History at UNLV. Wow. There is a major college that teaches about this shit? And I thought my job in manufacturing was useless…

Larry #2

Larry Pellegrino is a junior at The University of Pennsylvania where he is a track and field star. He has set several school and state records in the hammer toss and javelin. And by javelin I mean he ass blasts any dude he can get drunk enough in his dorm.

Larry #3

There is always one bad Larry in the bunch. This is bad Larry. Connecticut police recently pulled Larry over for failure to use his signal. When the cops approached the vehicle they saw drugs and paraphernalia in the back of his car. They also saw his daughter in the front seat. Larry was charged with possession of heroin in the presence of a child and endangering her welfare.

Do you know a Larry Pellegrino?