Villain’s Worst Movies of the 2010s

Since the 2010s are coming to a close very soon I figured it was time to take a look back before we jump forward. I’ve seen more than a thousand movies that were released in the last decade, some are great, some are terrible and some fall somewhere in between. I’d like to highlight the best and worst. Starting with the worst. Next week I’ll be posting my favorites. Sometimes its more fun to bitch and whine than it is to talk about stuff you like. Anyone who uses social media knows that by now. These movies aren’t probably the “worst” movies of the decade, but they are the films that I had a lot of hype for only to be completely let down when I saw them. Its a mix of films that I thought were completely awful, and then some that just really disappointed me. The list isn’t ranked either and there is probably a weird number of them. I just wanted to highlight everything I thought was garbage. On some occasions I can be a logical person and not watch movies when I hear they are bad, so if you think there’s a terrible movie I’m missing its probably because I heard such bad things that I decided not to see it at all. These two segments took me a long time to finish.

The Book of Henry (2017)


I’m sure the failure of The Book of Henry was one of the defining factors in what got Colin Trevorrow fired from Episode IX. Its such a mess that its one of those films that should be studied because of how ridiculous it is. Naomi Watts is literally going to kill a guy with a sniper rifle because her dead son told her to kill him. Does that sound stupid to you?

Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2


Believe it or not I actually found Paul Blart: Mall Cop to be a bit of a cute, heartwarming little movie. Its a cable staple, so I’ve seen it many times. If I was ranking this list, Paul Blart: Mall Top 2 would be the worst on the list. Its mean spirited garbage that is just making a bunch of unfunny fat jokes at the expense of its star. I wouldn’t watch it again if you paid me.

Independence Day: Resurgence


Roland Emmerich’s style of disaster film had been dying long before Resurgence, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I hardly remember anything that happened in this movie now. Liam Hemsworth is awful, Jeff Goldblum is on autopilot through the whole thing and then they have the nerve to bait a sequel. Not gonna happen.

Holmes and Watson (2018)


Will Ferrell has been in decline for most of this decade, but pairing him with John C. Reilly again was enough to get me interested in Holmes & Watson. There are actually no real jokes in this movie, they just brought the pair together with the hopes that the jokes will come naturally, and they don’t. Its pretty much unwatchable. Regardless of how big a fan you are of the main pair.

Justice League (2016)


How can a movie with so many legendary characters be so flat? Justice League appeared to be completely rushed and so many issues behind the scenes resulted in a massive disappointment. Worse than Suicide Squad in my opinion. I could forgive a lot of Justice League’s stupidity if it just offered a few fun moments with the characters, but it couldn’t even do that.

The Dark Tower (2017)


The Dark Tower falls into a lot of the same traps Justice League fell into. The movie is was ridiculously short considering how epic the original books are, and its not the least bit fun to watch. I still think that the castings were good, but something must have went wrong during production. Amazon is developing a show now, hopefully they’ll have more luck with a longer format.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)


I’m a big time fan of the original, but the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street came at the tail end of all the Michael Bay produced horror remakes. Casting Jackie Earle Haley as Freddy Krueger was a good call, but there isn’t much else to like. Its not a surprise that Michael Bay’s remakes stopped here.

Tammy (2014)


Tammy is probably the first time I noticed that Melissa McCarthy was starting to get annoying. For some reason she insists on working with her husband all the time. This was her first of 3 films with him over the 2010s. I don’t hate Melissa McCarthy, she’s funny if she’s got good material, but her movies with her husband end up being an inside joke no one else is in on.

Aloha (2015)


There was some controversy surrounding Aloha because Emma Stone was cast as a Hawaiian. Prior to this movie Cameron Crowe was a director that always made promising work, but this movie sucks, it bombed and he hasn’t made a movie since.

Terminator Genisys (2015)


You could probably argue that the Terminator franchise was already in pretty bad shape before Jenny Smith ever came out, but this was the final nail in the coffin. Arnold came back after an absence in Salvation and they had some good additions to the cast, but the story was a mess and pretty much everybody hated it. Dark Fate’s decent reviews couldn’t stop the bleeding and it failed too.

The Circle (2017)


The Circle was one of those movies that are supposed to make you paranoid about using the internet. Tom Hanks plays a villainous Steve Jobs type character, and that sounded interesting. Instead it was a ridiculously bad movie with really piss poor performance by Emma Watson and Boyhood star Ellar Coltrane. John Boyega was in this too I think, but I’ve forgotten and I don’t want to look it up to be sure.

Zoolander 2 (2016)

ZOOLANDER 2, from left: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Penelope Cruz, 2016. ph: Philippe Antonello / ©

The original Zoolander is a film a lot of people love. Its able to be ridiculous without becoming completely stupid to the point that its not funny, unfortunately, the sequel, released 15 years after the first movie is awful. I’m a little iffy on Ben Stiller anyways, and when he tries too hard it just ends up pissing me off.

Escape Plan 2: Hades (2018)


Another terrible sequel. The first Escape Plan brought Stallone and Schwarzenegger together for a surprisingly fun little movie. I’ve talked about this sequel before. This movie gets its budget slashed and Arnie doesn’t come back. It ended up with a straight to VOD release that pandered to the Chinese market and hardly featured Stallone and new co-star Dave Batista at all. There was even a third movie released this year, but I didn’t bother watching it.

Here is my personal list of the worst movies of the decade. What movies disappointed you this decade TGO? Next Saturday I’ll be posting my favorites of the decade.