Racist Hand Signs

The news today says a probe into cadets will be launched after images appeared on national television of a racist hand sign.

The American Defamation League (not to be confused with the Super Friends) says that the symbol should be approached with caution, because apparently it also means OK. They call that ambiguity. But that’s not the only 2 things this could mean.

Anyone who has worked in a restaurant (back of the house, sorry servers), may be aware of the fact that the assholes making the food constantly haze each other. It is not uncommon to be working along, minding your own fucking business, and have a giggling, full-grown man nut-check you with a spatula. Yeah, that happens. Chefs and line cooks are dicks that play games ALL DAY LONG. One of the games involves getting another cook to look down below your waist. If you are making this symbol when your victim does, you get to punch them. What is that symbol?


That guy gets to punch everyone at the Associated Press for checking out his junk.

We should get to punch them for pushing this stupid narrative. Does anyone reading this think that the OK sign actually means “White Power?”