The Oversaturation of [SPOILER] From Mandalorian

Before The Mandalorian ever debuted on Disney+ the show’s creator Jon Favreau was very clear that a reveal at the end of the first episode would end up being a huge spoiler. At the end of the episode we finally got to see what he meant by that. The 50 year old bounty that Mando is assigned to retrieve is a baby Yoda. Or at least a baby version of Yoda’s species, there is no confirmation that he’s related to Yoda at all, it could be Yaddle’s baby too, or both of theirs I guess.

Ever since this twist (if you’d call it that) Baby Yoda has been everywhere. If you were unfortunate enough to be online 2-3 days after the show premiered and hadn’t seen the first episode yet then Baby Yoda’s existence was probably spoiled for you because it became a meme almost instantly. Even among people who wouldn’t even know the character was from Star Wars.

One of the things that has driven me crazy about Baby Yoda is the press tour for The Rise of Skywalker is underway and every single person who involved with this movie is batting away questions about Baby Yoda, a character that will surely have no effect on the story of Rise of Skywalker, but since the character has reached such a huge popularity that it has become a question that needs to be asked.

Daisy was asked on Jimmy Fallon who was cuter, Baby Yoda or the Porgs, who cares? I honestly doubt much of The Rise of Skywalker cast has even seen The Mandalorian. Only a select few members of the Star Wars cast are actually fans, and I think some say they are thinking that fans will like them more if they are.

Up next is merch. Disney and Lucasfilm had to keep all the merchandise under wraps until the episode premieres, but it also has to be out there because they’ll make big bucks off of the character at Christmas. I bet there will be a lot of kids getting Baby Yoda related toys over Christmas.

The real reason the Baby Yoda invasion bothers me is when things reach a certain level of popularity chances are they are in for a big fall. There is a possibility that no one will want anything to do with Baby Yoda in another 2-3 months. Disney or Lucasfilm may upgrade the importance of the characters because of the reaction to it this season. Then The Mandalorian may become the Baby Yoda show, which is not what I want to see. Jon Favreau deserves props because Baby Yoda has not invaded the story at all. Its still Mando’s story. Still, you never know if that character will be pushed to the forefront because of its popularity.

Are you finding the attention on Baby Yoda to be a bit excessive?