Tonight’s the Night

I’m seeing The Rise of Skywalker for the first time this evening. I’m still pretty excited even though the critics have not received it as well as I expected. As of my last check it was sitting at 58% on Rotten Tomatoes after 225 reviews. I’m going to go in with an open mind. I’ve been keeping track of the Rotten Tomatoes score but have been trying not to read reviews, because I find sometimes if I do that I go into the movie expecting to find fault in certain moments rather than figuring it out for myself.

I’d assume that Bulgingsnake will follow the same system we had with The Last Jedi and everyone gets the weekend to see the film before we talk about it. The Bulge has already seen the movie and has given a small amount of insight on the movie, but has been good at keeping any spoilery moments to himself. If you want to know what I thought (which I suspect no one will care) of the movie ask me through Disqus tomorrow, but I’ll be keeping spoilers to myself until next week and when I do decide its time I’ll make sure I clarify that there will be spoilers at the top of the post.

My reason for doing the whole Star Wars Rewatch feature was to try and put those movies to bed. A break from Star Wars should be coming since we have no movie until 2022. The Mandalorian also ends next week so my episode recaps will obviously end after that. The Rise of Skywalker may bring up a few questions and I have a few articles already planned for after the movie comes out, but I think the pages and page of my own speculation and opinions will take a bit of a rest now. I’ll still post Star Wars news when it comes out. We still have two new series that will begin filming next year and Kathleen Kennedy said it was likely we find out who is making the 2022 Star Wars movie early in 2020. I think its time to talk about a bit more other stuff.

So I’ll still be the Star Wars guy, but I’ll maybe try to cut back a bit on the speculation since the saga will be set in stone (at least for now) now that The Rise of Skywalker is hitting theaters. So I don’t really even know what I’m rambling on for here. I guess be prepared to see maybe about 15% less Star Wars on here in the coming months.

TGO will still be the best place to get your Star Wars news, 1-12 hours after its already been reported by most news sites.

I’ll likely post a review of The Rise of Skywalker sometime next week. I hope The Rise of Skywalker will meet your expectations as wild as they may or may not be.

We’re down to the golden hours now. In another 6 hours I’ll be watching the movie with my brother and two of my good friends. The way that Star Wars should probably be experienced, with family and friends.

May the Force Be With You