Songs of the Year

Since I listen to mostly underground hard rock and heavy metal that only 12 other people in the world like, I decided to share with you some of the best songs I heard this year:

My Big 12 Songs of 2019

1: Weightless by Irata (Pop-Metal)

2: Best Clockmakers On Mars by Sturgill Simpson (electro-country/rock

3: Abdominal Snowman by Big Business (Metal duo)

4: Wordshot by Crypt Trip (Country/Rock)

5: Illusory Motion by Elder (Progressive Rock)

6: No Comfort by Monolord (HEAVY/Slow Metal)

7: Woodland Rites by Green Lung (Retro Metal)

8: Slide by Torche (Sludge-Pop)

9: Angel & Abyss by Spirit Adrift (Classic Metal)

10: Triumph by Haunt (80’s Metal)

11: Chug A Lug by Sweet G.A. Brown (Country)

12: Atlantis by Pallbearer (Progressive Doom Metal)

What songs caught your ear this year?