The movie starts with the word crawl. There are secret transmissions from Palpatine that both Kylo  Leia are searching for. Leia has sent agents to pick up information all while Rey is training.

Kylo goes to some planet killing a bunch of people in battle in the woods and gets some strange triangle beacon thing that leads him straight to Palpatine. Kylo flies to this planet and talks to Palpatine. Palpatine tells him he made Snoke and he is every voice he has ever heard. Palaptine says he will give him so much more…a new empire if he kills Rey. He will become the new emperor. But beware she is not who he thinks she is….and we don’t find who she is just yet.

Cut to the falcon that flies to an ice cave asteroid. Poe and Finn are playing Chewie at chess just before they arrive. They think Chewie is cheating. They arrive where they need to go. We got some new creature slug thing on the falcon helping out. They get some intel from some other creature guy who drops some disk drive down through the top hatch to the falcon that R2 has to download  just as tie fighters show up and they have to take off to get away.

The falcon flies off through the inside of this ice asteroid cave thing and starts jumping through hyperspace over and over doing light speed skipping which is a new move we have never seen before. But the tie fighters are still able to keep up…which is also a first. The falcon is supposed to be fast…but apparently tie fighters can keep up now. Poe flies the falcon into a giant warm thing just like Han accidentally did in Empire Strikes back.

Cut to Rey training. She is hovering in the air with rocks floating around her saying be with me (the jedi who came before she seeks). She gives up and floats down to go talk to Leia who says be patient. Nothing is impossible says Leia and gives Rey a lightsaber  and off Rey goes to train some more.

Cut back to Kylo touching Vaders helmet. Then cut back to Rey training fighting one of those balls Luke used in the first Star Wars to train and this ball thing is frustrating Rey.  But she distracts the ball by throwing her saber and picks up a stick and destroys it.

Rey starts to see flashes of memories while Kylo sees flashes of memories. Then we are at a base. Rey talks to Leia some more and gives the saber back to her. Rey addresses Leia as master. So forget Luke…Leia is the master now.  Rey goes and reads a book. Then she gets news the falcon is back. Poe and Rey talk…talk about light speed skipping and the spy. Then they argue about how much they need Rey.  Then they talk about the intel from the first order spy. They get the news Palpatine has returned. They talk about the new fleet he has made…the final order. They have 16 hours until theses ships will be used to attack all free worlds. We find out one of the hobbits is now a rebel and we see Rose finally and a younger Akbar guy. We find out that the spy new the  planets name to find Pappatine on …if they can find it in time…cause nobody seems to know how to find this planet.

Rey tells Leia they need a sith wayfinder…she saw this in Lukes books. That will get them to the planet. The same wayfinder Kylo finds in the begining of the movie. Off Rey goes with Poe and Finn to some desert to search for the clues to find this wayfinder. Rey has some awkward conversation with Leia about how she wants to tell her so much…ok…and Leia says tell her when she gets back. Leia then  gives Rey a lightsaber…again…and hugs her.

Then they all board the falcon and take off…Poe..Finn..C3P0..Chewie and Rey. Cut back to Kylo working on his helmet with some I’m assuming Knights of Ren guys. Looks like one of the apes from the planet of the apes is helping him. Kylo lands on a star destroyer and throws  the head of the guy Poe and Finn met earlier on the ground or on a table. Kylo talks to his generals and other high ranking officers. They debate what the Emperor wants and one guy gets punished for asking what the Emporer wants in return for them helping him.

Cut back to the falcon making its way to the desert planet. They pick up from where Lukes coordinates left off. Luke spent years searching for this wayfinder.  The crew  show up as a festival  is going on with the locals on the planet. A lot of weird aliens are dancing. We see weird pig children. One pig girl asks Rey what her family name is while giving her a necklace  and Rey says she does not have one….of course not yet. She is just Rey for the moment.

We get our first Kylo and Rey skype talk all of a sudden. Kylo tells Rey Palpatine wants her dead. They go back and forth telling each other what the other one is haunted by inside. Kylo says he will turn her then he reaches out and grabs Reys necklace. So yes…now these force connections can now take items from one location to another. Rey is shocked Kylo took her new necklace….and she tells her friends they have to go cause now Kylo will know by the necklace where Rey is.

Cut to Rey and friends running and a stormtrooper finds them in the crowd but gets shot with an arrow that pierces its helmet armor and kills him. Stormtrooper armor is completely useless. It cant protect from blasters or bow and arrows. The guy who shoots the arrow is none other than Lando. Lando of course can help them find the wayfinder cause he was helping Luke search for it way back in the day. There was a guide helping Luke and Lando long ago. The guide disappeared but the ship he flew long ago is still out in the desert. Lando tells them where the ship is so they can go search it for clues. As they split up Lando tells Rey to give Leia his love….and since Han is dead Lando also says he has a bad feeling.

Quickly Poe hot wires some speeders and off they go to find that ship in the desert.  Stormtroopers pursue them.  They take out the troopers but one shoots their speeder and they land in quick sand.


So far the movie is off to a frantic pace. I was surprised by Palpatine being revealed so quickly. And why does he show up now? How did he build hundreds of Star Destroyers without anybody noticing? Where did he get the crews to fly these star destroyers? How did he survive and come back to begin with? Why is there a 16 hour time frame before he all of a sudden now  starts attacking free planets? Why is he attacking free planets…he has been gone for 30 years?

What is light speed skipping? Why is a hobbit in this movie and a planet of the apes guy? Leia is a jedi master…then why did Rey look for Luke when Leia could have trained her to begin with? Why can people grab things while force skyping…and if you can grab things then you should be able to just travel completely since the item your grabbing is. Would save a lot of time flying around. Just teleport. I’m sure all of these questions get answered later on and I can’t wait.

Well there you have it. The first 30 minutes. A lot happens.