Big Time Star Wars Question of the Day

Now that the sequel trilogy of movies is complete, we have some answers to questions that have lingered for a long time.

But we also were left with some questions to ponder. That’s the fun part. Debating the unanswered questions. Using your knowledge of the characters and story arc to fill in the gaps and make conclusions.

That brings me to today’s Big Time Star Wars Question-

Where are all the dingleberries?

Throughout the 9+ films we have been introduced to some fantastic creatures. Many are hairy. Anyone who has pets will know that you have to groom their ass or they get poop stuck in their fur.

But not in Star Wars. Let’s examine


These pant-less bear like creatures come in all colors and sizes. Not one of them had a visible dingleberry in the entire village.

Hell, not even the deer rectum creature used as bait had poop on it’s ass-mouth


If dingleberries where going to show up anywhere it would be on an ice planet. Yet none of the hairy beasts sport icy poop nuggets on their ass


And finally the most famous copilot in the galaxy


Is there a grooming function on R2-D2? How can he dump so cleanly? What is this mysterious technology that has every hairy ass spotless?

Where are all the Star Wars Dingleberries?