The Mandalorian: Chapter 8

The finale of The Mandalorian has dropped on Disney+ this morning. Be prepared, there are spoilers ahead.

In the Last Episode: Greef Carga calls The Mandalorian back to Navarro to try and overthrow the Imperial Remnant in exchange for a clear name. Mando assembles a team of Quiil, a re-programed IG-11 and Cara Dune to help him. When they land Carga joins them on the quest. The Client is killed, but because he is revealed to be only the middle man and Moff Gideon shows up with a squad of Death Troopers. They kill Quiil and steal Baby Yoda who was in his possession.

Summary: Scout Troopers have captured lil’ Yoda. They have a long interaction. I’d guess one of them is played by Jason Sudeikis because I recognize the voice. Then IG-11, who considers himself the child’s nurse droid attacks them. A loophole in his programming allows him to slaughter stormtroopers if they are a danger to the baby. IG-11 also attacks the Stormtroopers that are keeping Mando, Carga and Cara Dune captive, giving them a chance to try and escape.

Moff Gideon is reveals that he knows all 3 people he is holding captive, including the Mandalorian’s real name Dyn Jarren (which was revealed by Pedro Pascal by accident a few weeks ago). Its also said that Cara Dune is from Alderaan. Mando also recognizes Gideon. The flashbacks we’ve seen in the last few episodes are clarified. Dyn Jarren (probably not correct spelling) is confirmed to be taken in by the Mandalorians after his parents had died. Gideon knows him because he was involved in the great purge.

Mando gets severely wounded by Gideon, and refuses to get treatment because he does not want to remove his helmet. Baby Yoda has a pretty impressive display of the Force to repel fire when a flametrooper tries to burn them to death. IG-11 is able to heal the Mandalorian because he reveals that he is not a living thing so he can see him without his helmet. We get the first and only glimpse of Pedro Pascal without his helmet, and he looks just like Pedro Pascal.

Mando wants to get down into the tunnels to get help from his fellow Mandalorians, but all of his allies are gone, with the exception of one remaining member, the female that made his armor upgrades. She gives him a jetpack and tells him that lil’ Yoda is able to use the Force and the Jedi are mentioned.

Then use a boat to take the lava river to safety. IG-11 sacrifices himself in order to kill all the stormtroopers and get them safe passage. Moff Gideon tries to attack them with his TIE Fighter but Mando uses his jetpack to fly up and destroy the TIE Fighter.

Cara Dune and Greef Carga stay on Navarro, but the Mandalorian leaves. We don’t know exactly where he’s headed.

Gideon cuts himself out of his fighter with the Darksaber, the black bladed lightsaber that has been part of the mythology for years.

My thoughts: Oddly enough, I didn’t really notice immediately that the weapon Gideon used was the darksaber. I just thought it was an odd spin on a lightsaber. I’m not that familiar with the weapon because its been developed mostly in animation and in novels at this point. This is the first time we’ve seen it in live action so I didn’t really pick up on the reference right away.

This finale did not completely blow me away, but it was enough to make me say this was a pretty solid season of television and I’m very happy with Jon Favreau’s effort on this show. Taika Waititi (Thor Ragnarok) directed this episode and his effort was great. His presence is felt with that Stormtrooper scene at the beginning.

I was surprised to see Greef Carga survive the whole season, but it looks like Mando has the makings of his own crew with Carga and Cara Dune. I’m sure they’ll both be back in season 2.

The show doesn’t bring a lot of finality, there are still plenty of mysteries that can be developed in season 2. Giancarlo Esposito looks like he’ll be the big bad of the series, and his performance was excellent, but there is still plenty of information we can learn about him.

That astromech droid with arms and legs was pretty cool. Too bad it died really quickly.

Mando is probably off in search of the origin of lil’ Yoda, which will be nice to see cleared up. I personally don’t think he’s Yoda’s son.

I thought leaving the last episode until after the release of Episode IX would maybe mean there would be a tie in. I didn’t really see anything here though.

Overall I think this was a pretty good show, and I’ll definitely be following closely in season 2.

What do you think of The Mandalorian now that the first season has wrapped? Now with the season completed and The Rise of Skywalker released it will probably be quiet on the Star Wars front for a while.