Villain’s 2019 Favorites

Another year has come and gone and its time for me to do my annual segment about the shit I liked this year. This includes a little bit of everything, whether its music, movies, TV, or just a personal highlight from 2019. Here’s my favorite stuff from 2019. Some are some things I’ve talked about before, some may not be.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was actually the first Quentin Tarantino movie that I experienced in a theater. I won’t say that its his best movie, because it probably isn’t, but it may be my personal favorite film of his. Its a film for a film fan, with lots of star power doing what they do best. Plus, there’s lots of foot shots, because for some reason Taratino has a hard on for feet.

The Raconteurs: Help Us Stranger


The Raconteurs returned after a long 10 year hiatus with a new album called Help Us Stranger. I’ve not always been a Jack White fan, but when he puts his ego to the side with this band I find he is at his best. His solo career was getting a little pretentious, so it was great to see him bounce back this year with a great classic rock album with some solid straightforward tunes. Somedays (I Don’t Feel Like Trying) is one of my favorite songs of the year.

Living Alone


This year was the first time that I had actually gotten a place of my own, that I did not need to share with anybody. For some it may not be worth bragging about, but its mine. Its also nice to be able to do what you want without any other interruptions. I’ve never had the chance to have a space that was solely mine with no one else to tell me what to do with it.

Avengers: Endgame


Infinity War left on a cliffhanger that most of us felt would be fairly smoothly resolved in Avengers: Endgame. I was still really happy to see it all play out. I doubt the MCU will ever be able to reach these sort of heights again, and it was nice to see one of their films finally have a bit of finality, rather than trying to bait the next film. Although we all know they aren’t going away.

The Glorious Sons


One of just a handful of bands that I got to see in concert this year. The Glorious Sons are probably my favorite Canadian band. I’ve talked about them on here before, they are just a great working class rock band. Their new release A War on Everything came out back in September and it was easily my favorite album of the year. The gig I saw didn’t end up being as good as when I saw them back in 2015, but I’d take the chance to see them again in a heartbeat.

Kenobi is Finally Happening


After years of speculating and reports Ewan McGregor was finally confirmed to be coming back for a series on Disney+. It was original supposedly going to be a film, but now its been worked into a series. I had been begging for this since all the way back to the days of THE FORCE. Shooting begins in summer of 2020, so it’ll be no time before this show will be available. I’ve seen interviews with Ewan McGregor who just seemed happy that he didn’t have to lie about it anymore.

Def Leppard


Def Leppard is not a band that I listen to a whole lot anymore, but it was awesome to see them in concert and embrace all the nostalgia. Plus, these old geezers rock pretty hard and they weren’t afraid to stick to the hits. Me and my brother we both pretty big fans, especially as kids so getting to experience that with him was a big moment for me and one of the highlights of my summer.

Tyler Childers


I discovered Tyler Childers’ second album Purgatory on Apple music early in the year and it quickly became a favorite. I’ve come back to it time and time again this year, and he released a new album this year on top of that. I didn’t like it quite as much, but this guy should have a pretty bright future. I’ve already tried my best to turn some friends onto his music with varying degrees of success. Childers may be my go-to artist to listen to while stoned as well.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend


I’ve never been a late night guy. I find that stuff to be fairly lame, and even if I did want to watch it late night shows don’t come on until a whole hour later if you live in the Atlantic time zone like I do. It seems like those shows only exist to get hits on Youtube now anyway. However, Conan O’Brien kicked off a podcast recently and I think his interviews are very well done. He’s able to do a much deeper dive during his conversations than he ever did on his show. He’s been able to attract a lot of interesting people, my personal favorite may have been his interview with Neil Young from a few months ago.

The Last Drive In with Joe Bob Briggs


Last year, the horror streaming service Shudder decided to bring back Joe Bob Briggs’ horror movie commentaries. At first they weren’t available in Canada, but they were so successful that they were eventually made into a weekly live streamed show. I can’t always catch the show on Friday if I’m working on Saturday, but if I can I like to check out the double feature with his hilarious insight into a classic movie ranging from good to terrible. He also tends to have marathon that airs around some holidays. His Christmas special just aired earlier in December. I hope viewership continues to be good because I’ve really enjoyed this.

Adam Driver


Kylo Ren had himself a hell of a year. He appeared in 4 movies over the course of 2019. Closing out Kylo Ren’s story in The Rise of Skywalker was probably most recognizable, but he also gave a career best performance in Marriage Story, a movie that will probably get him an Oscar nomination and maybe even an Oscar win. I also watched The Dead Don’t Die last week and watching him interact with Bill Murray was pretty cool too.

The Mandalorian


Star Wars first live action TV show was a long time coming, but it lived up to the hype. The season wrapped up just a few days ago and was a massive success. The characters introduced in this show are already starting to become favorites. The generation of Star Wars TV is finally starting to get underway. The rest of the show will have a lot of live up to because the bar is already set fairly high after The Mandalorian.



Thanks to the writers and commenters on TGO. I’ve gotten plenty of entertainment from you over the past year. Its been a joy to see this site grow over the past couple of years and its fun to be a small part of it. Happy New Year to all of you and I hope there is more fun to be had in 2020. Cheers!