Disqus: Is it working for you?


Conveniently, it has a Disqus platform so you can complain.

So it’s pretty obvious by now that I don’t have much of a life. I spend WAY too much time fucking around on my phone and computer. But when I awoke this morning to discover that the comment section of the latest installment of “BIRD TIME!” is slowly becoming the most prominent discussion on TGO of 2020 (with 168 comments), I decided see what “Disqussions” I could find that had a higher comment count. That’s when I found the DOWN DETECTOR. As of writing this article, DD was at 2,739 comments.


I’ve used this site before to see if online games are down, usually to find there is some localized issue (need to replace the chewing gum on the back of the router). I had noticed the Disqus platform at the bottom, but like most Disqus sites, I chose to not participate due to the inevitable rejection that comes from being me. With my slightly skewed perspective on media and free speech, I am assuming that this probably has something to do with political censorship, or maybe even hate speech. This is TGO.

I was somewhat apprehensive that the Disqus platform would cave in on itself, and we would not be able to express our inner (and outer) jackassery. Then I strolled through the comments on DD. HOLY SHIT, Y’ALL… There’s discourse. I’m gonna try to get an interview with a jackwagon that has promised to allow people to “tag-team” him (or her, don’t be racist).


Why, you ask? BORED. Too hung over to do cross-fit.


What do you think, TGO? Have I invited the ultimate evil into our midst?