Deep Cut of the Day

I got Elton John’s autobiography for Christmas and I’m currently about 2/3s of the way through it. I was always a casual fan of Elton John. He doesn’t really fall into the genre of music that I would give a lot of attention to, but reading his story has done enough to reinvigorate my interest in him. I’ve been listening to a lot of his albums over the holidays. Mostly the ones from his 70s heyday and they’re mostly strong. I’ve been told he gets far more spotty in the decades that follow because he seemed interested in shifting with the times, which sometimes doesn’t work for popular artists

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was Elton John’s first of two albums in 1974 and his first double album. Its far and away his best selling studio album. The 4 singles released on the album (Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting, the album’s title track, Bennie and the Jets and Candle in the Wind) were all considered among John’s best songs.

Today’s deep cut is Grey Seal. The song was originally released as a B-side for a single released in 1970, around the time Elton John’s second self titled album came out. The original version of the song is available on the Elton John bonus tracks, but it was re-recorded for Goodbye Yellow Brick Road and became a far more lively song.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has now sold 30 million copies. That’s probably enough to make it the best selling double album ever. Now, actually now that I think about it The Wall probably sold a lot more.

What is your favorite Elton John deep cut?