TGONN Presents: Who the fuck is Lindsay Graham?

You won’t want to not miss this!

TGONN, St. Louis, MO – I researched Wikipedia for this, but the page for Lindsay Graham is really fuckin long, so I just made shit up.

Lindsay Graham is the Arch Duke of South Carolina. This means that wherever he pees gets wet with urea made with fine, southern sweet tea and mint juleps. He likes his marriages straight, his guns at the ready, and his weed illegal.

Not Lindsay Graham, but also doesn’t want legal weed.

Lindsay Graham shocked the world today with his Tweet supporting Donald Trump, who is currently in the midst of being the President of the United States in between rounds of golf.


OK, it looks like someone loses on purpose. When reached for comment, I got this Tweet in response:


Holy shit, y’all. I think we can stop that DNA test now. Have you ever met Lindsay Graham, or had your toes sucked on?