The Clone Wars Returns February 17th

One of the earliest Disney+ series that were announced was a return to the animated Star Wars series The Clone Wars which ended suddenly a few years ago. The comeback was announced during a 10 anniversary panel at Comic-Con 2 years ago, but animation takes a while to work on, so now it looks like the continuation of the show is ready for release on Disney+.

February 17th will be the day you’ll be able to resume the series if you are a fan. It hasn’t been said if all the episodes will drop on that day or we’ll get them weekly. I’d assume it’ll be weekly because that’s the direction they took with The Mandalorian.

I may try to catch up on the series over the next couple of weeks. I never watched the show during it original run because I just wasn’t really that interested in Star Wars at the time. I haven’t ever got past the first season. At this point it’ll take like 3 episodes a day to catch up for me so I probably won’t be caught up by the time it comes out.