Kevin Smith is Trying To Do Another Mallrats Sequel

Kevin Smith is currently touring with his new movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. I was hoping he’d be making a stop near me so I could see it, but it comes out on VOD fairly soon, and it doesn’t look like he’s making any stops near me.

Smith is known for putting the cart before the horse, so he ends up announcing movies before he ever gets the funding to make them. On Twitter the other day he announced that he is working on another Mallrats movie Twilight of the Mallrats. This is the second time he’s tried to do another Mallrats. He had a sequel called Mallbrats that was originally going to be a movie, then a miniseries, then nothing at all. He got the original cast to come back.

Clerks 3 is also supposedly coming. Bruce Campbell is already on Twitter asking for a role in Twilight of the Mallrats. So that may mean it will really happen, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed until it starts filming.