Top 10 F-Bomb Movies

Entertainment Weekly shared this list last week when they got a new addition to the list. Fuck has had a presence in movies for a long time. Years back it was a lot more taboo to say fuck in a movie. Now R rated movies can be littered with them and PG-13 movies are able to have one utterance of fuck. Beetlejuice was PG and it even got a fuck.

Adam Sandler’s new crime movie Uncut Gems, which is a great movie if you want to check out something good in theatres sometime soon. It lands at number 7 on the list.

  1. Swearnet: The Movie (2014) 935 Fucks
  2. Fuck (a documentary) (2005): 857 Fucks
  3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013): 569 Fucks
  4. Summer of Sam (1999): 435 Fucks
  5. Nil By Mouth (1997): 428 Fucks
  6. Casino (1995): 422 Fucks
  7. Uncut Gems: 408 Fucks
  8. Straight Outta Compton (2015): 392 Fucks
  9. Alpha Dog (2007): 367 Fucks
  10. End of Watch (2012): 326 Fucks

Swearnet: The Movie takes the top spot. That was a movie featuring the cast of Trailer Park Boys, but they were playing themselves and not their regular characters from the show. I’ve always meant to see it, but I’ve heard it isn’t good.

I’m surprised that none of Quentin Tarantino’s movies land on the list. I always thought his movies were littered with fucks. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction don’t even land in the top 20. They are 27th and 28th respectively.

What is your famous movie fuck?