Weapon For a Logical Man: Finger Gun Hidden Under a Shirt

There are sometimes when you need to act like you have a gun when you actually don’t have one. Sometimes just going into a convenience store or bank and telling the people who work there that you have a gun will be enough to get them to give you some stuff, but if you are challenged you need to have a weapon to back it up.

You’re in luck, if you have a hand, and most people have two, you can make a gun with your fingers and hide it underneath your shirt so people will think its an actual gun. Then they’ll get scared and give you their money.

If you’re a true badass you can go in with your finger gun and rob a place without even using your shirt to obscure the view. It has happened. The guy pictured above is doing it.

When was the last time you had to break out your finger gun TGO?