Group cites AOC As 2019 Porker Of The Year

TGONN – A watchdog group named Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday its “Porker of the Year” for 2019, citing her sponsorship of the costly “New Deal For Idiots Who Think That Money Grows On Trees” proposal.

Osacio-Cortez’s $93 Trillion proposal includes giving virgins and desperate men everywhere their very own AOC blow-up doll that comes complete with a snaggle tooth that will cut your dick. To put this amount into context, Credit Suisse reported in its The Global wealth report 2019, that global wealth was ‘USD 360 trillion’.

TGONN interviewed Tom Snatch of the watchdog group, Taxpayers For Keeping Track of Dumbass Politicians and he said, ‘AOC isn’t just a porker in the sense of her willingness to spend money that can’t possibly exist, but she will also fuck ugly dudes.

In a separate study, it was found that ugly men are more likely to put up with women with bad teeth and with their vapid conversations as long as it means they will finally get their dick wet.