5 Facts About Dental Floss

Some things we just do every day and don’t think about. Simple tasks often have greater impact on our lives than we realize. It’s all the minor things that add up to major consequences.

Many of these mundane actions have some very interesting stories to tell. That’s where 5 Facts comes in. To enlighten you.

Dental Floss

1- Floss was first invented in 1819 by dentist Levi Spear Parmly of New Orleans. He used silk threads covered with wax to clean between his patients teeth. Up until 1819 food stuck in your teeth was seen as bling. You could show off your wealth by display bits of a fancy meal in your teeth. Excuse me Sire, is that albino stag meat with an apple chutney in your molars? Niiice.

2- When the price of silk skyrocketed in the 1990’s, manufacturers started making floss out of cotton. But picking your teeth with cotton was deemed racist. So now floss is made from the hair of dead baby animals.

3- In 1877 Chef Gary Keil LaVett saved all the tartar he collected when flossing and mixed it with lard and spoiled milk, thus inventing tartar sauce.

4- Flossers offer a convenient option to traditional floss. But they have a side effect. If you use one you turn gay instantly.

5- The latest evolution in flossing is the full body floss. That’s where you swallow several hundred feet of yarn or thin gauge rope, leaving a few feet hanging out of your mouth. Then when you defecate the rope out of your anus, you grab both ends and work it back and forth, loosening all the junk stuck in your guts.

I sure hope you enjoyed our little journey through the wonderful world of floss!