Rush Drummer Neil Peart Has Died

Neil Peart, drummer of the Canadian rock band Rush has died at 67. Peart was one of the most beloved and influential drummers of all time. The cause of death is supposedly brain cancer, but the news reports are early at this point. Peart’s death was actually 3 days ago on January 7th, but a publicist just broke the news now.

Peart was one of three members of Rush. Each member was well known for their musicianship. Peart was one of the few drummers that reached legendary status thanks to his world famous drum fills on their trademark songs.

Peart was not actually an original member of Rush. Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson had already recorded an album with John Rutsey. Peart’s addition to the band changed its path instantly. Rush’s debut album was a straightforward Led Zeppelin-like hard rock album, but their first album with Peart turned them into a prog rock band. Few casual fans of the band know this but Peart actually wrote all the band’s lyrics after he joined. Rush’s lineup never changed since Peart joined.

Rush has been inactive since 2015. The members claimed they’re retired. I’d assume Peart’s death will truly confirm that.