What do TGO’s commenters really think?

TGONN, Raton, NM – ‘Designed by clowns who in turn are supervised by monkeys’.

BS 3.png

Just one of the damning comments made by commenters about the development of most legendary entertainment site of all time, TheGreatOutdoorsman.net.


TGO released hundreds of internal messages on Thursday.

They showed employees also ridiculed the website and head moderator, Bulgingsnake.

TGO was grounded last March after an Ethiopian nose-dived, just five months after someone posted a picture of their poop.


The pictures offended 346 people.

In an instant message from early 2018 an commenter asked:

‘Would you put your family on TGO? I wouldn’t.’

The second commenter simply replied ‘FBT’.

When these messages were sent the website was online, and the really gay shit happened eight months later.


Other messages revealed efforts by TGO to avoid making the expensive process of quality content creation a requirement for the authors.

Just this week TGO changed tack and said it would recommend masturbating for authors before they resume creating quality content.

The messages also reveal a cost-cutting culture and disrespect towards everyone.

It looks set to deepen the crisis at TGO as the U.S. Postal Service struggles to get its best-selling stamps back on postcards and restore public confidence.


TGO said the communications ‘do not reflect the company we are and need to be, and they are completely unacceptable. Also, Dong.’