Deep Cut of the Day

Since Neil Peart passed away yesterday I figured it would be the ideal time to highlight a Rush deep cut. I’m not a huge Rush fan, and I’ve never been one to listen to anything that came out after Moving Pictures.

Moving Pictures was a shift for Rush. When Peart joined the band and began writing their lyrics they transformed into a progressive rock band, but they still had a hard rocking edge, which a lot of tracks reaching epic lengths, most famously 2112. Moving Pictures continues the more radio friendly direction they were going with their 1980 album Permanent Waves. Synthesizers were much more present in this material and wound become a staple for the band in the 1980s.

Tom Sawyer and Limelight both became trademark songs for the band and probably still the songs that get the more airplay today. Their instrumental YYZ also got them nominated for a Grammy.

Today’s deep cut is The Camera Eye. Its the longest song on the album, and its the last time Rush recorded that exceeded 10 minutes, which was common for their albums prior to this one. Lyrically it was written by Peart after walks through New York and London, with each city getting their own section of the song. I don’t have a lot of favorite songs from Rush, because I’ve never been able to fall in love with them, but this is definitely up there for me.

Moving Pictures is the most successful Rush studio album and it sent them down a path that helped them stay relevant through the 80s when a lot of prog rock bands lost their way. For some this is the beginning of the end for Rush, for others it is the beginning.

What’s your favorite Rush song?