Flute of Shame.

Over the last three hundred years there have been many wonderful advances in technology. But one thing medieval times did better than modern times was punishment. They had way better torture devices back then.

Now, if someone gives a bad or objectionable public performance, they are subjected to online ridicule. Big deal. In medieval times they made you wear The Flute Of Shame

The iron contraption was locked around your neck and then your fingers were locked in front of you, as if you’re playing an instrument. Even though it looks more like a clarinet than a flute, it was still used to make a public spectacle of the subject being punished.

The offender would be led through town where people would line the streets to hurl rotten food and verbal insults at them as they passed. Then, a man in a gimp suit would ass blast the person in the town square.

What current public performer would you like to see wear The Flute of Shame?