There comes a time in one’s life when you must face the cold reality of giving something up you like. Reality can be a bitch. We hate to face it. But the longer we put off facing it the harder the punch in the face is when it comes back to hit you in the face.

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There are many things we struggle to give up. Most often these things tend to be some bad habit related thing that is bad for your health. Giving up anything you like is hard but giving up a bad habit often doesn’t seem as bad as giving up something that really isn’t that bad for you. For instance, giving up smoking is hard as fuck for a smoker but most smokers once they kick the habit don’t look back and think….man I wish I was still out there smoking. They might crave a smoke….but they are happy as fuck they kicked the habit. If you need to lose weight and need to go on a diet…well you usually don’t regret giving up some foods when you see you lost 20 pounds and can see parts of your body again. Few people if any have regrets for kicking a BAD habit.

But sometimes we have to give up something that isn’t really that bad. Now it’s easy when you feel like you have outgrown something. Those training wheels on your bike just aren’t needed anymore….sure you feel safer with them on but it’s time to move on without them. Some things we just naturally outgrow and feel ok moving on from.

But sometimes we find ourselves faced with a dilemma. To give up something we enjoy that isn’t bad for you or is something that you have not outgrown.

For me this thing is pickup basketball. I enjoy the fuck out of it. It keeps me fit and keeps the reflexes sharp and its fun hanging with the guys. However, it has been wearing on my body over the years. It is a high impact sport and while it isn’t bad for you it isn’t necessary the best thing for your body as you continue to get older. Jumping, sprinting, slamming into another guy, falling…..these things take their toll. When you’re younger you can play day after day for hours. But as you age you feel it more and more. What makes things hard for me to quit is I can still play ball well with the younger guys. I’m still competitive. Unlike a lot of other guys younger than me. And I could keep going for many more years. But I really don’t like how I feel the day after I play. It’s the equivalent of getting drunk and feeling it the next day. My body feels like shit. Now it only lasts about one day but I ask myself what am I gaining from this? But that is only if I don’t get injured. Last time I played I sprained my thumb and it’s going on two weeks now and it’s still sore. I also have one of my Achilles tendons in my foot that gets aggravated from time to time and some disks in my back that act up depending on how much abuse my body takes. Pain is a great motivator to give something up.


Now over the past 15 years I’d say I have quit playing basketball about 5 or 6 times. Usually after I have gotten a good injury. And each time…sometimes taking a year off to recover…I’ve had some good injuries….I came back. Twice I quit for a year or more. Once cause of a tendon I tore in my leg and once for a serious disk problem in my neck where I took off over 2 years. I swore each time…this is it…I’m done.

Even now I ask myself am I really giving this up for good? Part of me says yes its time while the other part says keep going…you still can. I realize we have to give some things up. We always do. We just don’t think about all the things we have moved on from in life because we have moved on from them. But I have to admit…even while typing this I have doubts I can stay away. That fire still is burning in me…but I need to let it go out. Just gotta take one day at a time—yes I said it. But it is so true.


I have taken up swimming as a replacement. It’s much easier on my body. But I don’t get to talk shit with the guys. There is no competitiveness in it. Swimming is like running….it’s a solitary sport. But I feel so much better after swimming and I can swim everyday where if I were to run or play basketball everyday it would grind on my body way more. It seems to be a good replacement for now. My body loves it. I feel like I’m in some of the best shape ever and my body doesn’t feel like its falling apart.

Giving things up we like is never easy. It sucks on so many levels. We fight it. But if we are lucky in time we accept it and move on. It may take us a few tries. But we can do it once we get over our own stubbornness.

Maybe you have struggled with giving something up you like? Cock sucking? Butt fucking? Heroine? Torturing small animals? Robbing banks? Beastiality porn? Listening to Justin Bieber? Picking scabs? Twinkies?

The cold reality of facing shit is never fun. But don’t wait for it to punch you so hard in the face you can’t get up. Get out there and give up all those things you love and become a zombie who hates life and you will be a better person for it.