Face The Facts

Are you ready for the random name search?

GodTomDamn Right you are!

Today we search a name that isn’t random. It’s a name of someone important. His name is Dennis Hamlin. I work with Dennis. He operates a fin press. Well, I used to work with Dennis Hamlin. He announced his retirement Monday. I can’t go into more details. Not because it’s a secret or anything. I don’t pay attention to coworkers. So, here’s to ya Dennis Hamlin

Let’s learn about other people named

Dennis Hamlin

This guitar slinger is Dennis Hamlin. He has been “playing in bands and scoring for 30 years”. I bet he scores…a lot! If you want to score with Dennis, look for his band 222 when they come to your town

This is Dennis Hamlin. He is a 65-year old angler from New Jersey. Dennis has been fishing the banks of the Musconetcong River his whole life. Dennis bucks convention by hooking fish in the stomach. Instead of the mouth like most other people.Anyone can get a fish to swallow a worm. But a true angler uses mind power to convince the fish to stick its gut on my hook”. Bold.

This is Denny Hamlin. He lives fast and takes chances. Denny never uses a turning signal.

Do you know a Dennis Hamlin?