Mighty Moose: A Biography Part 4

One day Mighty Moose was chowing down on some Rockets. The only candy any family has left over after Halloween because half of the world doesn’t like them.

“I should grind these candies up into powder and sell them” said the Moose and before long he became the head of the largest crushed up Rocket cartel in all of North America. His business was built on idiots who thought they were buying cocaine so the demand was always there. The cocaine dealers started to lose all their business. Even though snorting Rockets probably didn’t even get you high, but the Mighty Moose didn’t know for sure because he didn’t get high on his own supply.

The head of the biggest cocaine cartel, shaved head John Goodman from The Gambler had no choice but to declare a war on drugs and Mighty Moose became he ultimate target. Shaved head John Goodman from The Gambler and his goons busted into Mighty Moose lair and killed all Mighty Moose’s employees, who were hired legally and paid their taxes because selling crushed up rockets wasn’t illegal at the time (and I don’t think it even is right now). They threw a burlap bag over Mighty Moose’s antlers and realized it wasn’t going to cover his eyes so they had to shoot him with a tranquilizer dart instead.

When Mighty Moose awoke he was stranded in the desert. Shaved head John Goodman from The Gambler had probably taken him out to the desert to kill him and bury his body in the sand, but he’ll never know for sure because shaved head John Goodman from The Gambler had a heart attack while driving his dune buggy out to the desert. Mighty Moose couldn’t drive the dune buggy to the nearest town because the buggy had run idle for too long and had run out of gas.

Thankfully Mighty Moose had an RPG tucked into the back pocket of his Wrangler jeans.

“Looks like its time to pull of an old fashioned camel heist” said Mighty Moose.

To be continued…