Amazon Cancels Adaptation of The Dark Tower

It seems that a proper adaptation of Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower novels just never seems to work out. Amazon Prime has been planning a version of the show since shortly after Sony’s film version was released to poor reviews from fans and critics. Amazon had a pilot filmed for the show and simply passed on it and chose not to bring it to series.

The only actor I know of being involved in it was Michael Rooker, and he wasn’t going to be playing Roland the Gunslinger. It seems very odd to be me that Amazon wouldn’t say they were going to film another pilot because this story has remarkable potential and TV is probably the right medium for it. I would also think that the first book was a fairly simple slow paced story so it shouldn’t be hard to film. It’d be the books that followed that would be hard to pull off.

After 10 years in development hell a film version of The Dark Tower was released in 2017 with Idris Elba as the Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey playing The Man in Black. The film’s box office gross was disappointed and plans for a franchise were essentially scrapped. JJ Abrams, Ron Howard and countless actors were supposedly involved in the movie over the 10 year period it took to get the movie made.

With the run of Stephen King nostalgia we are on now it seems like the perfect time to get this out there. Also HBO is doing an adaptation of King’s recent novel The Outsider with Ben Menelsohn and Jason Bateman and the first two episodes are awesome. I give it a big recommend. If you haven’t read the book it’ll be that much more engaging as well.