Weapon For a Logical Man: Goalie Stick

Using hockey goalie sticks as a weapon isn’t exactly anything new. Goaltenders in the NHL have used it to whack opposing players in the shins for decades.

Its pretty well documented that anyone who is willing to get 100 mph pieces of rubber shot at them is probably a maniac you don’t want to fuck with.

Since most Canadians have a goalie stick readily available there are plenty of times where they become a clever weapon in case your crime goes awry. You can still kill the fuck out of a guy with one and they’re way cheaper than a gun.

Here’s one of my favorite videos of all time, a guy robbing a Canadian liquor store equipped with a goalie stick just in case shit goes south.

I’d also say you look far more intimidating with a goalie stick than you do with a baseball bat, but that may just be me.