Face The Facts

Today the United States, and much of the world, celebrate the life and times of Martin Luther King JR. He was a great man that fought hard to gain equality for black people and other minority races. Because of his tireless work black people earned the right to have huge dongs.

But today isn’t just about one Martin King, it’s a day to celebrate ALL Martin Kings. Let’s take a look at some other people who deserve recognition today:

This is Martin King from Auckland, New Zealand. Martin started the Winter Pride organization. They advocate for gay skiers. Because everyone knows how oppressed the gay skiers have been over the years.

This cool cat is Martin King. He is a weatherman from Ireland. His dream is to host a tv show with his wife Jenny McCarthy. Yes, Martin King (not that one) is married to Jenny McCarthy ( not that one either)

And finally we have a man in a dress named Martin King. This cross-dresser is an author and historian. He started the Augusta Chiwy Foundation. Augusta Chiwy was a Belgian nurse who helped U.S. soldiers during WW2 at The Battle of the Bulge. Her hand jobs kept the spirits of injured soldiers high and helped them recover.

Which Martin King are you celebrating today?