Badass of the Day

This average looking man is Ian o’Reilly. He is a father of three who lives in Kensington New Hampshire. Ian is also a Stone cold killer.

Ian was walking on a trail Monday with his wife and three young children when his two year old son was attacked by a coyote. Ian kicked at the coyote and chased it off his son. But the coyote kept coming back at them. Ian was bit on the chest and arm before he went into Beast Mode

Ian started beating the coyote with his giant coffee mug. Then he jumped on the coyote and grabbed it’s snout with one hand, holding it shut. With his other hand he grabbed the animals windpipe and crushed it. After a 10 minute struggle the coyote was dead.

Two other people reported being attacked earlier in the day. The coyote went after a man in a car. And a woman opened her door to take her dogs out and the coyote was on her porch. Both her and her dogs were bit.

All parties are being treated for rabies except the two year old. His snow suit was so thick the coyote couldn’t bite through it.

Would you kill a rabid coyote with your bare hands?