5 Facts About Drapes

At TGO we cover a great variety of outdoor activities. But there are many fun and exciting indoor activities too! Such as playing video games, watching porno, doing drugs, and seeing how far you can shoot a load.

Often times you want to do these activities in private, but you have nosy neighbors or Jehovah’s Witnesses peering in your windows.

That’s where drapes come in. Let’s take a closer look at the wonderful world of drapes.

5 Facts About Drapes:

1: Drapes are different than curtains. Drapes are often lined with cloth, are pleated, and run floor length.

2: As far back as the 5th century artists used drapes to display their work. Uncle Steve sells drapes that he has decorated with abstract designs (jizz) at the TGO web store

3: Many people think the phrase “Does the carpet match the drapes?” originated from the Marty Stuart song of the same name

Marty Stuart- Does the Capet Match the Drapes?

But this is not true. The phrase became popular in the 1700’s when nobles would dye their pubic hair

4: Your banner celebrating Dale Earnhardt’s 1994 Winston Cup Championship is not a drape. It is a sacred cloth and should be treated as such.

5: In a dire emergency like a house fire, drapes can be boiled and eaten.

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