When was the last time some Furries saved you….either from yourself or from something someone else was doing to you? Don’t be ashamed to come forward and tell your story. Be brave. Furries are for real and so are their good deeds. Don’t let these tales go untold. Let the truth be told. Sing these tales to the winds and let them be echoed through the canyons so that all can hear and learn from them.

Take for instance a recent incident in the news. Several members attending a furries convention came to the rescue of a man beating up a woman. A few furries where on a break outside when a car pulled up in front of them and they heard screaming. They saw the passenger hitting the female driver. They opened the door and with some help from other furries pulled him out and restrained him until police could arrive.

Now I know what your thinking. This guy was just stupid to be beating up his woman while she was driving. She could crash or worse yet she could stop in front of a furry convention. At least wait until you get home. But nope….this eager beater just couldn’t wait to get started on the beating. Rookie beaters always have to learn the hard way that you have to be patient with your beating…never rush it.

How about you? You got any good furry or beating stories to share or maybe a good furry beating story? Have you been to a furry convention or a truck stop?