Uncle Steve’s Pre-coffee thoughts

1. Time travel becomes more complicated when you take into consideration that our planet, and even our solar system are not stationary. If you traveled back in time 1 hour but did not travel through space, you would arrive in a spot where you would have to wait for an hour for the Earth to arrive. Also, what effect would inertia have, as prior to said time travel, you would be moving at the relative speed of the planet. And as there is no friction in the vaccuum of space, you would simply shoot off into the abyss.


2. Why can’t I have 2 dicks? One for work and one for play; like a bath and a half, but for ding dongs.

3. We learn in physics that energy is not used, but simply converted. Why should I have to pay my electric bill?

4. If reincarnation is a thing, and the souls of your loved ones return to you in the form of other creatures, how many times have you killed your grandma with a newspaper?

Hey, coffee’s ready.