Does Anyone Actually Care About Award Shows?

2020 looks like its going to be another year of this:

[Insert awards show name here] has the lowest ratings in 10 years.

Can anyone really be surprised that people don’t give a shit about awards season anymore? The Grammys were Sunday night, and the above headline^ is honestly the only thing I’ve heard about the show. Of all the “big” awards shows the Grammys is probably the biggest clump of horseshit. The only time I’ve watched even a second of them was the year AC/DC (didn’t win a Grammy until 2010) opened the show, and as soon as it was over I shut it off.

Looking at the list of talent that has never won a Grammy its easy to come to the conclusion that its terrible. Flavor of the week artists are given big awards while legends of music are ignored. Led Zeppelin never won a Grammy while they were actually active. They were given a pitty win for their reunion live album Celebration Day as sort of a lifetime achievement. Jimi Hendrix doesn’t have one. At least most of the tentpole actors of their era win an Oscar or Emmy eventually, although its normally for movies that aren’t their best.

Awards shows are basically a method that the music and film industry use to pat themselves on the back. Then the winners get to up to the platform and lecture the 5 people watching about whatever the issue of the day is. The winners are making more money for one job than the viewers probably make in their whole lifetime. Sure, we need to do something about the environment, but middle class people don’t have millions or even hundreds of dollars to help.

Another reason why these awards shows are dated is they try to appeal to a young audience, but they don’t seem to realize that young people don’t watch network TV. There are no methods to stream the show, so if you don’t have cable then you can’t watch it. Most people would rather watch an acceptance speech for 2 minutes on Youtube the day after the ceremony than weed through all the commercials and bullshit.

I will admit I’ve watched the movie award shows pretty frequently in the past, but this is the first year that I’ve definitively decided I will not bother with any of it. I saw Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globe monologue the next day and that was all I cared to see. The Oscars don’t piss me off as much as the Grammys, but its rare that when you look back 5-10 years later that it feels like they’ve chosen the right film. The filmmakers and actors have to kiss a lot of babies in order to even win. In the end its about who sucks up the most.

Many people feel that giving awards for art sort of defeats the purpose. I can understand that. Art is subjective. Considering one thing to be better than an other is sort of ridiculous.

What do you think of award shows? Is it time for them to bite the dust?