Star Wars News of the Day

One of the most consistent characters in all of the Star Wars movies has been Chewbacca.

The role was brought to life and played by Peter Mayhew for every film except The Rise of Skywalker, because he died. The Chewbacca suit was passed on to 33-year-old Joonas Suotamo. But it turns out this wasn’t the only change to the character.

Because of the long fur on the costume, many fans didn’t notice one major outfit addition; high heels.

Costume Concept Art

As you can see, there was even bigger changes planned for Chewbacca. Ultimately Disney decided that a full-blown tranny Chewbacca was too much of a change for one film. So the decision to slowly transition Chewy was made, starting with the high heel shoes.

Reddit user Villainilla-Ice69 translated all the grunts and noises made by Chewbacca in the sequel trilogy and found that the studio had planted verbal clues all along. Several instances of Chewbacca questioning his sexuality were noted throughout each film leading up to Rise of the Skywalker.

Did you notice Chewbacca’s heels?

Are you comfortable with Disney pushing their liberal agenda on Chewbacca?

How long before Chewbacca has a nice rack?