Movie Tard: Doofy

Doofus Gilmore was born with a twinkle in his eye. Doofy was a special lil’ guy. As he grew up Doofy developed a fondness for vacuuming

And he had a real sense of adventure. Doofy would explore anything

It was this mastering of technology and willingness to get his hands dirty that landed him a job on the police force

But Doofy had other interests. The ladies. Doofy did everything he could to catch the eye of the popular and beautiful Drew Decker.

She rejected Doofy so he murdered her.

But don’t feel sorry for Doofy, he found love with Gail Hailstorm

Gail and Doofy would have a fairytale ending to their relationship and ride off into the sunset together

What do you think happened?

Was Doofy retarded like a fox?

Was he faking it since birth?

Did Gail suck the Tard out of Doofy?